Curtains for the Impostor. Maybe.

Dulled and blunted and dismissed. This will be the Republican response to the criminal referrals from the January 6 Committee. Witch hunt, much ado about nothing, a liberal fever dream, blah, blah, blah. Back and forth they’ll continue to go, the Right with a long memory for supposed wrongs perpetrated by the Dems, chomping at the bit for their chance to get even, i.e. just make a mockery of governance as the majority in the House.

The Committee has done stellar work, leaving a damning mountain of evidence for public consumption, if the public wants to make the effort to actually read about this. At least there will be a record. It remains to be seen if the Justice Department will take the unprecedented next step of indicting Trump and Eastman. Whether they do or don’t, someone is gonna be pissed.

If there is such a thing as justice, though, it needs to be served– in a heaping helping to someone who took up space in the Oval Office for four years, who claimed to be POTUS but had no idea what that meant.

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