Catharsis Personified

Wow. The World Cup celebrations in Argentina have been marvelous and ridiculous at the same time. They make any major championship celebration in the states look like a small family gathering in the park. It isn’t just one city– it’s a whole country. In the immediate aftermath, there couldn’t have been many people left at home.

The sea of humanity pouring into the streets and onto highways, the raw emotion, the spontaneity, central squares teeming with revelers, shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see in any direction—whooping it up, climbing utility poles, waving flags, jumping up and down, shooting fireworks, spraying all manner of liquid refreshment. Pure nirvana, unadulterated relief and joy. I’m happy for the people of Argentina, who need something to celebrate, and for Lionel Messi and his teammates.

They didn’t even schedule a parade for some future date (Correction: they did schedule a parade, for Tuesday the 20th, but plans were changed because the crowd in Buenos Aires was too big and unmanageable to keep the team on an open-air bus. So they were put in helicoptors and did a flyover instead!) Looks like it happened right after they got back from Qatar. Everybody’s gonna need to sleep for three days, at least.

I imagine they’re just getting started, though.

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