Get Out of Town!

So the US is securing the use of military bases in the Philippines. That’s just the best news!

I mean, isn’t it great to know that we’re moving into position so we can keep an eye on China in case they decide to attack Taiwan? Isn’t that just the greatest piece of news since everyone’s favorite megalomaniac decided to ruin a whole country and challenge the current world order almost a year ago?

It’s the greatest news we could possibly hear amidst all the other great news we try to assimilate every day.

Nothing like a world war to snap us out of our economic funk and general malaise. Woo-hoo!

Mixed Motivations

Ben Crump is omnipresent. What is his gig, anyway? He shows up everywhere, particularly in the midst of potential lawsuits against municipalities and their police departments.

He stood at the podium at Tyre Nichols’ funeral, or whatever that was, and offered up what I can only describe as an impassioned plea for justice, perhaps fueled by the prospect that he’s gonna be in on another cut of another multi-million dollar lawsuit.

He’s the consummate ambulance chaser with perfect cover, dressed to the nines.

One Step Back

Greta Thunberg is arrested in Germany for protesting a groundbreaking for a coal-fired power plant. You go, girl. It feels like David v Goliath without the slingshot, but you go, girl.

This is on you, Vlad, you son of a bitch.

The Bad Place II

The fact that George Santos- or whatever his name is- is still standing, still a member of Congress, should be an indication to anyone who’s paying attention that the Republican Party has indeed lost its way. No bargain is beneath them.

To quote Audie Cornish, from an interview with Stephen Colbert the other night, Santos is the logical conclusion to the end of shame. It’s anything goes anymore, exacerbated by a lack of accountability and the notion that someone who’s been accused of a serious gaff can simply ride it out, tweet through it, proclaim with as much indignation as one can muster that the media are liars, and it’s all about enemies out to get you.

There’s no place for introspection, or making the effort to sort wheat from chaff.

Who says Donald Trump, the master of doubling down, isn’t a good teacher? He continues to leave his mark, like skid marks in the tighty-whities.

Dr. Evil, Minus the Laughs

There must be a language, other than violence, that Putin or any bully could understand. Some effective use of words and images that would cause even a determined megalomaniac to pause, if only for a moment, maybe just long enough to catch himself, to ponder the breach he’s creating, to recognize his monstrous error, his roll of the dice, his careless threats to destroy the world by precipitating a nuclear Armageddon.

Who does this? Who even dares utter such threats, besides a mad man with anger issues and nothing to lose?

Are there any words of reason being spoken to him, or around him? Is there anyone who has the courage and strength and authority to get through to him, to appeal to any vestige of humanity that might remain? Does he have anyone close to him who he cares about, who he loves and couldn’t imagine losing? Or has he reached a point where no one can get too close, where people are merely useful or not useful, and nothing more?

We’re all living with a certain anxiety over what tomorrow might bring, in no small part because a cold-hearted, Stone Age Soviet throwback has decided to force his will on people who want no part of his vision. His “genius” might be that his attack of Ukraine will precipitate American involvement, eventually, and not just in a proxy war. He’s been looking, all along, for an excuse to unleash the worst of his weaponry against us. Against America and anyone else who espouses democratic values and self-determination.

He’s conscripted 300,000 more troops to do his dirty work, to leave loved ones and livelihoods in order to go off and fight in a needless, pointless conflict. Imagine being able to rip people from their lives just like that, and send them off to fight battles of someone else’s making. And maybe dying for… what?

Stupid humans. All that has come before has taught us nothing. So life as we’ve come to know it, and all that has been accomplished in the name of beauty and good, are in jeopardy of vanishing in a flourish of radioactivity and utter depravity, no match for a little man with a giant chip on his shoulder.


He’s Baaack*

What have we done to deserve another round of Donald Trump, aka Pompous Airhead? The gods are conspiring once again to make our lives miserable despite the looming indictments that may or may not ever come, despite common knowledge that he’s an insufferable egomaniac, a criminal and bad for the country, despite everything we’ve seen and heard from him over the last seven years and longer.

We unbelievably have to adjust to him being front and center, again. It’s like walking with a limp, and suffering from sciatica and acid reflux and several other chronic conditions all at once. We have to learn to live with his grating presence, his negativity and stupidity, all in the midst of the huge pile of other shit that’s going on.

Who’s pulling the strings this time, Donald? Is your pal Vlad multitasking– orchestrating the chaos in Ukraine while smoothing the way for your second act?

I thought the media might have learned their lesson about covering him, but apparently not. He’s still ratings gold, media crack, obviously impossible to resist. 

*Only kidding. He never really went away.

What’s A Little CO2 Among Friends?

It’s quite clear that a major impediment to a fuller embrace of renewable energy is the pushback from fossil fuel giants who still have huge lobbying budgets and outsized influence with members of Congress.

What should infuriate us all is the durability of their old arguments focused on the necessity of a mix of technologies– this as a way of nurturing a certain “diversity” and maintaining a stable of options. They neglect to highlight that such a scenario wouldn’t do any harm to a sustained enrichment of their bottom line.

It’s always about profit margins, about the money. It’s an intentional dragging of feet and turning a blind eye to environmental degradation, in the name of doing business the way they prefer to do business.  

Careful Now

Well, there’s a welcome headline: “‘Extreme’ drought status nearly eliminated in California…”

Fantastic news, though one might hope that this recharging of supplies doesn’t engender complacency, that familiar tendency of folks to default to business as usual when it comes to water usage.

Some reservoirs are topped off at the moment, but this can’t mean a return to previous practices and habits. Summer is coming, and one might think there’s a lesson to be learned in acting like the water supply issues are solved. It’s partially that shortsighted gluttony that got everyone into this mess in the first place.

That, and an ungodly dry spell.

Back to Basics

Too many of us are wandering, eking out an existence, unnoticed or simply ignored, unloved, sick, hungry, cold, without hope. Things are unraveling for so many, in part because so many others spend most of their time and energy looking out for themselves and their dogs and cats.

All the beautiful people will live in their bubbles and fortresses and subdivisions, pointing fingers, trying to avoid pain until even they can’t anymore, and then we’ll all be in the same boat. Basic survival instincts will be on full display.

It’s becoming easier to envision a colossal, large scale exercise in Darwinism, precipitated by some nefarious gang of hackers who will destroy power grids and other critical infrastructure, plunging the world into darkness and cold and unending chaos, where we’ll all be scrambling for our next meal, and a warm place to lay our heads.

Yikes. Is this really our future?

According to a recent Popular Mechanics article, it very well could be. And not all that far into that future! Which is either an irresponsible pants-on-fire, sensationalized sky-is-falling piece of journalism, or a wake-up call to all of us.

Either way, maybe it’s time we rethink the way we live our lives. Move from the endlessly self-indulgent molding and shaping of “our best selves” to a more selfless world view, where we care at least as much about healing the hurt in a communal way. We need to reimagine, reevaluate our motives and choices, and the way we interact and think about each other. For the sake of a collective good.

Sounds laughably difficult, pollyanna-ish. And, for some tragic reason, un-American. Like turning the Allure of the Seas around, times a billion.

Maybe we can at least pay attention to upping our cyber security game, plugging the holes in our internet. Heaven forbid we should have to go without the Tik-Tok.

Sad, But True

Our Congressional leadership, primarily on the right, is a laughingstock, populated by misfits, pretenders, and ignorant loudmouths, people ironically beholden to entitlement of a different sort, and a frightening lack of judgment and faith. In it for their own gain and notoriety, not averse to regular trips down the rabbit hole, still more like Trump than they might be willing to admit. 

And Mike Pence is a liar, too. Witness the interview with ABC News a while back and the answer he gave to a question about classified documents in his house.