Worth A Look

Sometimes, and more frequently of late, it feels like we have it all wrong in this country. The emphasis on what the individual can do and achieve seems to have led to a society full of self-interested glory hounds. One of them became president.

Anymore, it often seems everyone must be motivated beyond reason, where we’re all striving for financial security and nice things and notoriety. An ongoing Darwinian experiment. More superficiality than substance.

There’s talk in Europe of providing some baseline of income for everyone, which sounds like a great idea to me but will inevitably be a non-starter here, because… America.

We’ve got it all wrong. Self-determination is fine, but a lot of people are being left out in the cold, and it’s not because they’re lazy. Maybe they’re motivated by different things, different pursuits. Or they aren’t even noticed.

It’s only money, and with money, people buy things. Sounds like perpetual stimulus. Maybe it would be enough to keep food on the table and a roof overhead. People would still have to work for the extras. It might put a dent in the lines of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people waiting for sustenance.

Donald Trump can go to hell. This is on you, you uncaring, inhuman blob of plasma. While millions suffer, all you can think about is damaging our system of governance and postponing the inevitable.

Cart Before Horse

The dissonance comes as I look at the vehicles people are driving to the food banks. Maybe one of the reasons folks are low on funds is because many are driving vehicles they can’t actually afford.

They may not have much money, but they have some sweet wheels.

Paycheck to paycheck. No margin for error. No contingency funds. Just a razor thin buffer between getting by and disaster. And a buy-in of the detestable American mantra about having it all and having it now.

So, Silver Lining…

How different might things be at this point in the year if there had been a more aggressive, competent pandemic response from the beginning?

Shorter food and testing lines? Fewer funerals? Less grumbling and whining about restrictions? Would hospitals and their staffs be crying “uncle” as frequently as they are now?

A proper response from Trump and his cronies might have paved the way for a second term, though.

First Things First?

So, will Trump and the minions be prosecuted over the next four years? Biden doesn’t seem too interested in that pre-occupation. Keith Olbermann, however, does. Vociferously.

One could argue that he makes some salient points. I just wish much of what he says isn’t said in such an over-the-top manner. It’s max volume, most of the time. Makes him come across as just another loud, slightly crazed, talking head. If he could say pretty much the same thing with an inside voice, maybe it would be more effective.


Often times I don’t really know what I’m talking about. This space is an outlet for giving voice to feelings and opinions that don’t always have a basis in fact. It’s sometimes a place I come just to vent my anger and frustration.

When it comes to Donald Trump, I often feel that despite the attention he gets and the noise he makes, he is ultimately inconsequential and destined for the bone pile of history– once people make the effort to really listen to him and take a closer look. He is one of the few people in the public eye who hardly ever says anything truly meaningful or edifying. He is an empty suit who somehow made it all the way to the White House. Nothing more than a conduit for other peoples’ dimness and sickness and anger.

Yes, he appeals to a certain white demographic that feels unnoticed and unheard, and threatened by the country’s changing complexion. These are the ones who propelled him to Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s no small number, and they can yet do damage, with their mindless buy-in of cockamamie conspiracy theories, their gullibility and ignorance, and their reluctance to embrace the changes. Their numbers will eventually wane, but not anytime soon.

When Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20, it will be a good day for many. But the MAGA crowd will still exist. They will still be a force to reckon with. They will be more than willing to fall in behind anyone who speaks their anachronistic language, or feeds their fears.

There are rumblings of Trump returning for another run in 2024 (as an Independent?), because he craves the attention and will always be motivated by a need to save face, along with an inability to handle defeat. His presence has and will always have nothing to do with a hopeful vision for the country. It will always just be Trump saying “Look at me.” Maybe that should have been the slogan on those damned red hats, accompanied by a picture of Trump and his shit-eating grin.

“Make America Great Again”? You didn’t even come close, Donald. You couldn’t. You just didn’t care. You’re incapable of caring. And let’s face it– as slogans go, that one really sucks. It’s shallow and uninspired, and has no real-world relevance.

Chronic Condition, Fatal Flaws

We certainly are a fallen humanity.

Sin, or inescapable brokenness- whatever we want to call it- creeps in, manifests itself in endless ways. The gap between ideal and real will always remain. We will continue to elect people who promise real solutions to real problems but end up getting distracted and delivering something far less. It’s like they promise the world just to get elected or something…

What’s currently happening in Washington is no longer just painful to watch. It’s scary, because Trump’s reach and influence appear to be growing. More people seem to be coming under his spell, seem to be willing to bend to his desires. He’s playing the long game, he appears to have a plan. He is intent on wearing people down, intent on stealing the election from an actual majority of Americans.

He is a hateful and hate-filled person, motivated by a fear of losing, by a need for vengeance, by a need to stay out of jail. Motivated by all the wrong things. Someone must put a stop to this guy and the mindless bots around him.

Where are we heading with all this?

He’s Asking For It

The litany of accusations and wrongdoing seems endless, though it’s obvious that none of this matters to Trump. If anything, he thrives on our anger and disenchantment. He enjoys having enemies, having someone to badmouth and gripe about, someone to try to piss off.

The thing is, how can we continue to put up with this, even for another 60 days or so? When has this nation ever seen such ice cold negligence and hell-bent self-preservation from its President?

No need to wait until January 20. With a different mindset among congressional leadership, we could be looking at calling the 25th Amendment into play right now.

Before Our Eyes

What is Donald Trump doing, if not behaving like a spoiled brat? And let’s add evil, detached, deranged, cornered rat.

The fact that he’s STILL got 72 million people eating out of his hand is mindblowing and frightening. It’s obvious that he doesn’t care a bit about the country or those who for some reason still support him.

He’s totally ignoring the ravages of a pandemic, crying over an election loss, risking a descent into hellish chaos, and 72 million people are ready to go there with him? This can’t be happening.

But it is.

It’s Time

How can Republican members of Congress continue to walk on eggshells around the Toddler-in-Chief? How spineless can these people get?

I get that they’re looking out for their own political futures. But maybe they wake up some morning very soon and decide to throw caution to the wind. They decide they just won’t cower anymore. They take the power away from the son of a bitch in the White House, because he doesn’t warrant or deserve it.

Take your honor back, Mitch and Lindsey and the rest. Stand for something other than sham religious piety and whiteness. Or are you too far gone, too?