Just The Way It Is

It was good to hear a medical doctor confirm what I and many others have wondered regarding the coronavirus.

In theory, if we all masked, distanced, isolated, and otherwise minimized our movements for 1 month, the virus would be gone. This will never happen, but it makes sense. The virus would have no means of transmission, no hosts, and it would die off.

Again, between necessity and arrogance/stupidity/ignorance, this will never happen. There would be segments of any population who wouldn’t be able to shelter in place. People need to eat, they need to work their essential jobs, so there would always be a certain level of movement and exposure.

And the people given to unintelligent decisions would be the ones to really throw a wrench in the works, because real Americans aren’t going to let a fabricated left-wing conspiracy keep them from living their damn lives.

Captain Ron

Gov. Ron DeSantis is, from all appearances, supremely clueless and in way over his head. Florida is reeling from a record caseload of covid and all he can do is make convoluted attempts at dispelling the gravity of the situation.

Yet another Trump lackey, butt sniffer, and human dunce cap who doubts the science and stands behind this dangerous belief about constitutional rights and economic necessity taking precedence over precautions and a more measured approach.

It’s hard to watch.

Guess I’ll Wear A Mask Now

Looks like the Trump train is starting to feel the heat, pulling out all the stops in an effort to pull his chances for reelection out of the dumpster. Or maybe he had a rare moment of clarity and realized that he needs to set an example. Nah.

If he wins in November, we can kiss America goodbye. Four more years of Trump and Miller and company will be the end of us.

You can bet on seeing a new and improved Donald in the weeks ahead, but it’ll just be lipstick on a pig. No offense to our porcine friends.

Summa Cum Lousy

There’s a tendency to overplay and otherwise dramatize the level of sacrifice we Americans have made during this pandemic.

No doubt, many have sacrificed and continue to do so, from front line healthcare workers, to suddenly stay-at-home parents, to all sorts of essential workers. I don’t consider just staying home and minimizing trips much of a contribution, or patriotic. As an introvert, staying home has been no problem at all. Yet even this somehow gets lumped in with the sacrifices others have made.

And let’s not forget all the graduating high school seniors who were denied their moment and suffered an apparently debilitating withholding of attention. Get over it, folks. Consider this whole year one for the record books, momentous in a unique way. And you were part of that! Besides, you and your school district personnel were pretty creative in developing alternative graduation experiences, some of which were way cooler than if it had been a normal year. So, I hope you’ve stopped feeling sorry for yourselves and are getting on with your lives.

As for those in positions of leadership, namely the President, Vice President, certain task force members, Governors and network pundits? You all get big red F’s. For your inaction, your calculated coldness, your cowardice, your weakness, your sheer stupidity and spitefulness, and your willingness to mislead and foment and turn a pandemic into a political beach ball. Shame on all of you. Thanks for going above and beyond in eroding ever further our trust in public officials.

And way to go, MAGA crowd, who cried “constitutional rights,” embraced the Gospel of Donald like the herd of lemmings that you are, and took it upon yourselves to stare down the virus and lose miserably. What did you think was going to happen? Such monumental hubris and selfishness.

And what do you have against science, anyway? Are you waiting on some biblical solution? Better take a longer, closer look at the Good Book– all of it, not just the Old Testament.

We Know The Drill

The latest scenario from Dr. Osterholm is no second wave, but an out-of-control wildfire that keeps burning, seeking more dry tinder. NIce.

Do we know anything for sure? Because Dr. Fauci is still talking about a second wave.

Either way, we know what we need to do– keep our distance, wear a mask, wash our hands, check on our neighbors. And be in this for the long haul- take “normal” off the table for the rest of the year.

Sounds pretty straightforward. Not easy, but straightforward.


Presidents since Warren G. Harding have had speech writers, but the current occupant of the Oval Office takes the cake when it comes to the disconnect between what we hear from him in a speech and what we get in a one-on-one interview.

He has about five or six go-to words in most interviews, but his speeches are long-flowing screeds that he could never begin to formulate on his own. They are so obviously not from him.

Makes you wonder if he actually believes the stuff he’s spewing, or if he’s just a mouthpiece for someone else’s skewed world view. (Cough) Stephen Miller.

Trump seems incapable of arranging words in a cohesive, remotely eloquent manner. Take him off-script, and everything is “amazing,” “disgraceful,” “beautiful,” “a hoax,” “fake news,” and not much else.

In Other News…

Pink snow in the Italian Alps. Fires raging and a 100-degree day… above the Arctic Circle, IN SIBERIA.

In a non-Covid year, there would still be plenty to talk about. While the world’s population is being ravaged by a pandemic and many are awakened to the plight of black people everywhere, the earth continues to warm, ice melts, algae bloom, storms grow meaner. Sounds like we’re on our way out.

But baseball must go on. And of course the NFL talks boldly of holding its season. We need our diversions, including an obscene $503 million contract to obsess over.

Anything to take our minds off a plague and an indifferent planetary home that would just as soon spit us out as keep us.

A Bucket of Blue Steam

“Most Americans believe…”

Do they? Based on what? A careful study of facts, or because someone’s narrow-minded relative who’s never strayed more than 20 miles from home says so?

Why do we so closely align perception and reality? Apparently, it is common for people to believe something without really knowing for sure. For polling purposes, this serves somebody’s interests. Perception is reality, and that’s good enough.

Which explains a lot.

Pillars Are Crumbling

The picture of Trump and Melania standing in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore evoked a certain yearning for the days, long gone, when I felt blind patriotism. To see the two of them standing there pretty much destroyed any remnants of that vibe.

There was dictatorship and Stephen Miller in the air, and the feeling that here was a shell of a man and his trophy wife, impostors both, reveling in the latest photo op and the adoration of 7500 maskless lemmings. No patriotism, just revulsion and a certain sadness.

Did you know that Gutzon Borglum was big into the KKK? Looks like 2020 is the year of pulling back the curtain. What else are we going to learn about our “exceptional” nation?


July 4th.

Two hundred forty-four years sounds like a long time but also not that long, relative to other nations on earth.

It gets tougher to celebrate every year, especially the last three or four. I don’t have the same feelings, the same views regarding what this country stands for or means. American exceptionalism? Hardly. At the moment, we’re exceptionally lost. We’re embarrassing ourselves on multiple fronts. We’re taking the whole freedom thing way too far, given what’s upon us in the form of a deadly virus. Stupidity and ignorance are running rampant.

The President has come to us straight from a dark place. Vain, needy, shallow, cold, selfish, overmatched, underqualified, spiteful, humorless, visionless, delusional, largely useless. A mouthpiece for the vermin with whom he’s surrounded himself. A playground bully with Secret Service protection.

I don’t feel the same way I once did about America. Not much moves me about it. I guess I still hope that the ideal will emerge as reality, but we’re a long way from there (though this summer of discontent seems to be an indication that something big is brewing, and maybe good).

American exceptionalism? Let’s remove that from the lexicon. You want to paint a target on your back? Just keep talking up your exceptionalism. How vain, how needy, can we get?

Relative to other nations, America is the insecure teenager seeking validation, still figuring itself out. We’re the Jordan Spieth of nations- had a good run, but currently searching for its A-game.