Maybe it’s too much to ask, more than what we should rightfully expect– that a person who gets elected POTUS be someone a clear majority of us truly respect. Someone who brings an air of integrity and sincerity and humility to the office. Someone strong yet honest enough to admit that he or she won’t have all the answers.

Someone without a messiah complex. That’d be great.

Even ardent Trump supporters should see that their man is the wrong guy for the job. Right for those who, for some strange reason, like him. But terribly wrong in that he makes no effort to cross the aisle. He just fans flames. All bluster, not much substance, a person of questionable motivations.

With a little effort, the Republican party could come up with a better option than an entitled blowhard from Queens.

Much Ado About Nothing?

Sometimes it seems that way- that all the attention being paid to the Ukraine issue is really just the latest attempt by Democrats to pin something on Trump, hoping it will stick.

Not that I hope it doesn’t. I hope they pin his ass to the wall and he ends up being impeached. It’s just that pretty much everything that has been said and done over the last 3 years seems to be in reaction to the election results. All-consuming. The focus hasn’t been on legislation and working for the electorate. It’s been a balls-to-the-wall effort to dig up dirt on Trump and his circle of ugliness, or defending the same. Late night folks and others pick on Trump’s less-than-scholarly use of the English language, his misspellings, his hair, his posture. The kind of stuff one might expect from lesser critics, though not surprising coming from people who try to get laughs for a living.

On occasion they zero in on something substantial, something that exposes the whole administration for the domestic axis of evil that it is. I wish they’d expend more energy on these stories than the ones about covfefe. Those are nit-picky, easy targets that don’t get to the core of why so many people find Trump and company so troubling.

For me, it often comes back to Trump himself. Sure, I don’t know him personally, but I know his type. He reminds me of a kid who used to come to our house for piano lessons. A real self-important stuffed shirt, a poster child for entitlement who thought more highly of himself than he had reason to. I remember we were out in the back yard on one of his lesson days. He found great sport in picking up a toad, throwing it in the air, and gleefully watching as it hit the ground. This is who comes to mind when I think of Donald Trump.

He has no business being President of the United States.

Collective Fortitude

We have to reexamine everything.

We have to stop what we’re doing, take a deep breath, and figure out a better way to live. There is no collective agreement, no consensus- no plan, currently- that reflects a comprehending grasp of our situation: there are a few grains of sand left in the hourglass. The planet we call home is in the process of chewing us up and spitting us out, yet we carry on in defiance, or in blissful ignorance. Or out of pure selfishness and in a hellbent pursuit of “progress.”

We stand by as the empty gravy boat in the White House proudly withdraws us from the Paris climate agreement. Then 11,000 scientists issue a stern warning to WAKE UP. NOW!!, but we still have to watch and see if, maybe this time, our leaders get the message.

We could take matters into our own hands, but our elected representatives must be on board. This will be an effort that dwarfs anything that has come before it, because it must involve all the citizens of Earth rallying around a single cause. No undue drama here. Not a hint of hyperbole. It’s what it’s come to.

Even as the snow begins to fly.

Monday Morning

So the gist of one news story is that Trump is licking his chops. I guess because he can’t wait to start in on whoever ends up being the Democratic nominee. The expectation, apparently, is that he’s going to bring things to a whole new level, have a field day with whoever gets the nomination. But it’ll be particularly gruesome if Elizabeth Warren gets the nod.

Oh, there’s no doubt things are going to get ugly in the lead-up to the election, but I’m hoping Ms. Warren can handle herself. Whoever gets the nomination will have to handle him- or herself against the Trump machine, because they will not hesitate to throw the kitchen sink. Imagine how pissed he’s going to be after the impeachment hearings, no matter the outcome of those. “Bloodbath” is too tame a description. I hope we survive this.

But hey, the economy is good. Right? Isn’t this all that matters?

We’re losing faith in the intangibles-integrity, a sense of unity and purpose, trust and respect for elected officials. It’s all anger and raised voices and “my way or the highway.” It’s unsustainable. This is no way to run a country.

About A Year To Go

Might, may, could, should, maybe, possibly

News outlets and editorial writers are always grasping at straws, using words that hint at hoped-for eventualities, trying to keep the light burning at the end of the tunnel that is the end of the Trump nightmare. Painting possible scenarios, predicting plausible outcomes. All the while never breaking free of mere conjecture. 

With regard to the whole impeachment process, the outcome is already known- Trump will be impeached by the House and rescued by the Senate. It seems like a risky exercise in futility, if not for the fact that Trump’s actions warrant the effort. 

Though not rising to the level of impeachable offenses, he should be removed from office simply because of who he is, for the things he’s said and will continue to say, for his emptiness and selfishness and lack of empathy. For the awful example he sets as a human being and a statesman.

Still, so many call him their President. His latest batch of campaign ads- or distractions- are all tinged with passionate anger and… loyalty?

Is he really their President? Do they actually respect him? Or are they just tickled that so many “liberals” have been pissed off since 2016?


The clip on the nightly news showing Harvey Weinstein out and about and getting called out by an over-the-top (maybe alcohol-fueled?) protester and a stand-up comic– well, it just got under my skin, for some reason.

It’s possible he was just out with friends, keeping a low profile, not asking for trouble, and then someone with a camera phone records footage that gets aired on national television, and he gets humiliated before the nation one more time. It seems unfair, somehow. Piling on. Like there can be no redemption for him. Like he’s a marked man and damaged goods for the rest of his life. It seems quite merciless. 

Some will argue that, hey, payback is a bitch. And maybe Weinstein is a slimeball. But maybe people who don’t really know him and the state of his psyche should just mind their own business. Because their behavior offers up its own measures of insensitivity and cruelty.

Then again, this is the age of Trump, so maybe two wrongs do make a right.

How Will It End?

So the Republican strategy regarding impeachment is to refuse to cooperate. Sounds like Mitch and Steve and company have had their way. What I saw of the 8-page letter was vintage Stephen Miller, though maybe this is the way the whole party sounds now. 

Maybe the plan is to ridicule the process, to hide behind the excuse of this whole thing just being a case of partisan politics. No smoking guns, no collusion, no election interference, no nothing except one party playing the role of sore loser while the other tries to “work for the American people.”

Fine, as long as they realize that “the American people” they claim to be working for isn’t the robust block of support they’re always claiming it to be. They often seem to be ignoring the more substantial voting base who find it repulsive to be included in their boasting.