It’s Happening

Are the people at Fox News as alarmed as Rachel Maddow? I should probably gird my loins and tune in, just long enough to see if there is any trace of concern over what Trump has been saying lately about ballots and a peaceful transition of power.

I feel like maybe we’re headed off a cliff. Trump is as bad as his niece says he is. He’s evil and maniacal, not well, and he’s going to fight tooth and nail to stay in office, even if he is voted out.

And if this is all an act, we shouldn’t have to deal with such insanely erratic behavior!

It’s hard to believe that overshadowing all of this is over 200,000 deaths from coronavirus. But maybe this is how Trump and his entourage want it to be played. Say crazy things about the election to take the focus off a staggering death toll? Seems plausible. Anything seems plausible anymore, including a Supreme Court vacancy filled in record time for a ruling on a “contested” election.

Will anyone on the Republican side finally wake up and say “This is nuts!?” Finally recognize the gravity and put a stop to this death train that is the Trump administration?    


I’m tired of Kayleigh McEnany’s snide cockiness. I’m tired of Bill Barr’s infuriating smugness, and that of others in the Trump orbit, as if they hold all the cards, are untouchable, somehow above reproach. They are ripe for a comeuppance, a day of reckoning, being taken down a peg or three.

In the Trump administration, alternate realities are the order of the day, lying is profligate, and what many of us are seeing with our own eyes and hearing with perfectly good ears is somehow… not real?

It appears that it’s ever only a matter of who can come up with the best words, spin the best yarn, truth be damned. 

“Don’t Drive Angry…”

What is troubling about the push to fill the SC vacancy is that it has such huge implications for legislation and policy that a majority of us agree with and many benefit from.

This is what is so maddening- that a minority viewpoint will hold sway potentially for a generation or longer. Largely old, white, narrow-minded Old Testament Republicans are wielding power to make impactful decisions for the majority. Legislating morality, dictating the direction they think the country should be going.

Our only recourse is to vote the dinosaurs out in November, so we don’t end up reliving the 1950s. 

It seems we are a nation stuck in a vortex of anger and revenge, which one might think is unsustainable.


Politics sometimes is about convenience and opportunity. The sudden Supreme Court vacancy is case in point.

We can be mad at the Republicans for taking the course of action they apparently are going to take in filling RBG’s seat, but would the Democrats be playing this any differently? I know the Dems get ridiculed for being punchless and impotent, but might they be smart to bite their tongues and wait for the electorate to make a statement at the polls?

Because beyond the hypocrisy of McConnell, Graham, Cotton and the rest, we also get to vote on their seeming disdain for and dismissive attitude toward us the voters, who best not be as clueless and apathetic as they think we are.


He “up-played” the virus? What the hell does that mean? He didn’t want to cause a panic? Another huge pile of shit. He played it down because he was trying to shield his (his?) precious economy from taking a hit in an election year.

So it looks like he was willing to sacrifice peoples’ health in order to preserve his re-election ace in the hole. And of course the economy took a huge hit anyway.

Good leaders find a way to break bad news. They don’t run from it. They don’t engage in such calculated avoidance. They mobilize people and resources. They engage the citizenry, offer reassurance tempered with honesty and a thoughtful assessment of the situation.

Think about this. He and those around him knew in late January of the virulence of Covid and decided not to take steps to prepare the nation for it. How can we not look at this without thinking he was willing to let the chips fall where they may and let people die? What kind of leader is this? Who votes for such a person?

The biggest hoax this whole time has been Donald Trump.

The Pall Over Everything

The only way there could be a less qualified person in the Oval Office is if a Trump disciple was plucked out of the crowd at one of his god-awful rallies.

He has to go. Enough of him thumbing his nose at institutions and norms. He’s not the guy to shake things up. Maybe shaking things up isn’t what we need right now. It’s more the power of a likeable, stable personality, the power of patience and at least the appearance of compassion. A true respect for what the founding fathers have put in place, and working within that framework.

Which doesn’t mean change can’t come. It just means someone as damaged as Donald Trump can’t be the one to effect that change and challenge the status quo. He’s not about healthy and beneficial change. He’s too selfish and needy. He’s about payback, and winning because he hates losing, and being embarrassed.

I wonder if Trump ever looks out over the crowd at one of his super-spreader events and shakes his head. An enclosed space full of largely Caucasian lemmings, sycophants, and dumbness. What are these people holding onto? Trump just loves the adoration and attention. He couldn’t care less about those who show up.

And he much prefers staying in office for as long as possible so as to avoid jail time. That, and he apparently fancies himself the authoritarian type.

Blown To and Fro

So maybe the anti-maskers actually know that masks make sense, but they just like being contrarians. There is no logical reason for their stance, other than buying into Trump’s big lie or just wanting to be a pain in the ass. They need to stop making it about lofty ideals and assaults on the constitution. It’s nothing that honorable.

Perhaps we just don’t have it in us— a capacity, for the long haul, to think and act collectively instead of always in our own best interests. To just notice things, put two and two together and come up with something closer to four.

It’ll Do

Watched some college football yesterday. It’s not the same without the big crowds. But it’s football, right?

Tom Brady debuts with the Bucs today. That should be weird. But in the bigger scheme of things, it’s no big deal. Sports may be big business, but it’s also just a diversion. Of little consequence except to give a fan base something to celebrate or scream at, something to do besides worry about everything else going to shit.

Wow, I’m a happy guy.