How Will It End?

So the Republican strategy regarding impeachment is to refuse to cooperate. Sounds like Mitch and Steve and company have had their way. What I saw of the 8-page letter was vintage Stephen Miller, though maybe this is the way the whole party sounds now. 

Maybe the plan is to ridicule the process, to hide behind the excuse of this whole thing just being a case of partisan politics. No smoking guns, no collusion, no election interference, no nothing except one party playing the role of sore loser while the other tries to “work for the American people.”

Fine, as long as they realize that “the American people” they claim to be working for isn’t the robust block of support they’re always claiming it to be. They often seem to be ignoring the more substantial voting base who find it repulsive to be included in their boasting.

Ho Hum

There seems to be a lot of press opinion that Trump is in trouble this time, but I don’t think this is the case. He always lands on his feet somehow, and most of the Republicans have sold their soul to the devil. So there’s not much hope of anyone having a spine and mounting a campaign against him

The whole impeachment thing seems like an exercise in futility anyway- the Republicans control the Senate! The end result will be party line votes and the look of a Democratic vendetta. And who knows what dark magic Mitch McConnell has up his sleeve?

Teflon Man

The reaction of the crowd at the Ed Sullivan Theater a couple nights ago was telling, though of little consequence– a loud, boisterous standing O when footage was played of Nancy Pelosi announcing an impeachment inquiry.

Trouble is, we can all predict the outcome– the Democrats will be successfully painted as deranged alarmists barking up the wrong tree, and Trump will get off with a scratch or two. 

Maybe this is progress- a scratch or two. Who knows, maybe a scratch will get infected.

The Adult In the Room

The risk, when one puts oneself out there, is that the hyenas will laugh and say mean things. Stupid things intended to demean and undermine and cast doubt and distract. Their default reaction is the stuff of 5th grade playground antics somehow reconciled as “strategy.” 

Trump and Fox News and the rest had to attack Greta Thunberg. They had no choice. Even if she is a starry-eyed, pie-in-the-sky child for their purposes, they had to attack her, belittle her, make every attempt to dismiss her as “sick,” a teenager with Asperger Syndrome who’s just saying words someone else feeds her.

Trouble is, they may have picked on the wrong teenager. She’s bright, quick on her feet, and seems to see right through all the adult smokescreens. It’s like she’s heard it all and can’t be bothered with the lame excuses anymore.

I hope she’s as committed and principled as she seems. She’s a breath of fresh air, and hopefully impervious to the attempts at dismissing her as just another young idealist.

How tempting yet sad it is to have to look to a 16-year old, hoping that in the absence of any show of care and concern on the part of her elders, she can offer the world a glimpse of these things. It feels like false hope to dare think that Ms. Thunberg is different than other wunderkinds, a genuine prophet capable of awakening a sense of urgency and changing peoples’ attitudes.

Zero Sum

When one looks at things objectively- which is difficult to do at times- one might realize that the course, derogatory, demeaning language emanating from both red and blue amounts to nothing more than an ongoing embarrassment.

No one makes an effort to take the high road. And if they try, someone gets suspicious, hurling accusations of being uppity or holier-than-thou.

More often, turnabout is fair play. The same tactic that seems to be the go-to on the world stage applies to our discourse: you dig up dirt on me, I dig up dirt on you. You drop a verbal mortar on me, I must do the same to you.  It’s a funky variation on “commensurate response,” though the response is not always commensurate.

No one looks good here. Our responses to digs and attacks are often gut-level, emotional outbursts that serve only to de-humanize and perpetuate the stand-off, and stiffen the resolve to prevail. It seems difficult to imagine a “winner” in this scenario. There are only combatants with grudges.


Are they for real? Can they possibly be this cold, this driven, this single-minded?

So predictably contrary and ugly, as if their only goal is to destroy any vestige, any hint of Democratic/Obama era legislation and programing. It’s difficult to look at what’s happening and think any of it is OK. Closed-minded immigration policy, reckless de-regulation, rollbacks on emissions standards and a seeming disdain for the planet or anyone’s future but their own. And let’s not forget the mindless and naive reliance on what the Bible says.

Make America Great Again? Keep America Great? Are you kidding me? These are empty words, contrived slogans. Insults to anyone with a soul.