Creative Writing

So, climate realism, eh? Please explain this to me in a manner that doesn’t elicit a dismissive, derisive eye roll and a robust fuck you. By all means mull this over in your damned think tanks while Australia burns and Antarctica melts.

Think tanks. What a concept. I know they exist on both sides of the aisle and probably other places as well.

Thought hatcheries. Where great ideas and bullshit alike are conceived, given life and breath. Sort of like advertising, isn’t it? Creative minds with enough time to devise all sorts of myths in hopes of convincing people to believe what they don’t believe and need what they don’t need.

A Better Way Is Out There

I’m with Bernie Sanders when it comes to health care for all. It should be a right, not out of reach. What appears to be at the center of this debate is the issue of what kind of country people want to live in- the wild west, every person for him/herself, or one where consideration is given to making sure every person has coverage and a certain peace of mind.

The current arrangement is unsustainable and skewed toward those who can afford the spiraling premiums and insane deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. Health care in this country needs to be blown up and re-imagined. It’s bloated, driven by profit and mergers and acquisitions. It is unmanageable. It’s an untamed beast.

It would take a unique set of leadership skills and unprecedented political good will to even begin untangling this mess. Which is why it seems things are only going to get worse before they get better.

To hell with being afraid of leaning toward socialism. We’re already there with programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, farm subsidies, school lunches, WIC programs, and so on. It’s called caring and compassion. It’s not weakness, it’s not evil, it’s not un-American. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot with this insistence on holding to some romantic notion of self-sufficiency and independence and no free lunches.

And capitalism needs to be taken off its pedestal. Capitalism and profitability have given us this health care monster. “Survival of the fittest” is an unworkable mantra. There is a need to imagine a workable hybrid.


It’s a big disappointment that candidates and their staff can’t run campaigns on merits and platforms alone. They so readily resort to mud-slinging and painting the opposition as the worst thing on earth. It seems so childish.

Like a “grown-up” version of a fifth-grade shoving match.

Caveat Emptor

The coming stretch run of the 2020 campaign is going to be the ugliest in many a lifetime. Parties have already resorted to “deep fakes” and misinformation. The challenge for campaign managers seems to be who can get a corner on that market and time the last word.

Whoa to the electorate, who will have homework to do and decisions to make with regard to discerning what is real.

It’s difficult not to feel like prey. We should be mad as hell about such manipulation. Ashamed of and embarrassed by the depravity of the whole process.

Something's Following Him

A theory on why Trump is who he is:

If he actually admitted to being wrong every now and then, or started valuing other opinions, such “acquiescence” would cast too long a shadow back over his whole life. He’d have to question his decisions and choices. It would open a can of worms. Too many demons, and he just doesn’t want to go there. He’s afraid of what he’d see.

So, forward. Always forward. Winning bigly. That’s the name of his game. No matter who he steps on in the process. No matter if the winning isn’t real.

He might be too far gone.

Are We Supposed to Care?

So, time for my post-Oscars rant. Not much new to say except that I’m in the same place I was last year at this time- sitting on my couch having not watched one second of the show. Still at once envious of the winners’ wealth and fame and convinced of their ultimate irrelevance.

“Based on real events” is the caveat that should scream, “Hey, what you’re about to see largely didn’t happen the way we’re going to portray it, but enjoy the show, because we had fun making it, and it is art and you should appreciate the craft and our efforts. And feed me. Stroke my ego and tell me I’m awesome. Because apart from your fawning praise and envy of my lifestyle, I’m an empty vessel in search of what is real.”