The Long Haul

“Pandemic fatigue.”

You think? Who isn’t tired of the restrictions and the unknowns? Who isn’t ready for this to be over?

The alternative to masks and social distancing and the rest is to just give up and say, “I can’t do this anymore. Come and get me, Covid. Come and get my family and friends. Because I don’t care anymore. This is too hard, and it’s unconstitutional, and Uncle Donny says we should just get on with our lives.”

When it comes to some really important things, Uncle Donny doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. And he couldn’t care less.

Dear Donald

We’re going to hold your feet to the fire. We won’t let you weasel out of your decision to soft-pedal the virus, which has led to incomprehensible and avoidable suffering and death. We are not going to let you change the subject.

We want to let you know we’re on to you. Have been for awhile now. And our numbers are growing. You stir up such hate and vehement disgust, and appear to enjoy doing that. Why?

You are a scourge, and a drag on us all. It is long past time for you to go.

Tuesday Ramble

What the hell is a supermodel, and why do they matter?

The earth is burning, nearly a billion people are hungry on a daily basis, Donald Trump is still President, and we’re still dragging our asses through a pandemic. Why the hell do supermodels or the Kardashians even register at all? Oh, we need our distractions. OK. That explains everything.

People are suckers for superficiality, and there’s a shitload of options to indulge that fantasy life. Shallowness is part of what has gotten us into this mess. Shallowness, gullibility, ignorance, sheer stupidity– we keep coming back to the same things. Donald Trump is the poster child for all of it. What might have been somehow endearing four years ago is now evidence of rot to the core. And now we can add cornered rat to the list.

He let the dam break on Dr. Fauci, he’s rolling out the trusty damning email weapon, he’s holding super-spreader rallies everywhere. And there’s one more debate to suffer through.

Hold on to your hats, because these last two weeks are going to be wild. It’s probably best that we put on some heaphones or pop in some ear buds, and just tune out every now and then. Take a break from the constant assaults on reason and sanity.

Rampant Gullibility

If all the focus on the virus- the case numbers, deaths, vaccine progress, etc.- subsides on Nov. 4, then that will be reason to call it a day, give up on truth.

I don’t see that happening, but this is the mindset of those who watch Fox News and support Donald Trump— i.e., all this coverage of the virus is just more left-wing pants-on-fire over-reaction intended to make Trump look bad, and it will go away after the election.

There is no room in such a stance for recognizing or accepting that their man blew it big time. So they will carry on with their herd immunity, watch friends and family get sick, overload hospitals and their staffs, and for some reason feel like they’re doing the country a huge favor.


It’s never been about policy for Trump. It’s always been about winning. Just winning. Nothing more, except an all-consuming need to undo everything from the Obama administration.

It’s spiteful. It’s been four years of wasted time. There cannot be four more years of whatever else this has been.

Barring a miracle, Ms. Barrett will be confirmed, on a straight party line vote. The Supreme Court will have a clear majority of conservative justices, and the potential will exist for minority rule to continue for years to come.

So even if Trump loses, the damage will have been done. He will leave his mark, but only as some pathetic accidental tourist who succeeded at making it that much easier for us to hate each other.

Monday Rant

What is the Wall Street Journal talking about? Sweden’s response to the pandemic is not to be held up as a model for the world. It’s not all about paying lip service to protecting the vulnerable while making sure that the economy gets most of the attention. Herd immunity is lazy and reckless.

And grow up, Lebron. I’m weary of hearing you complain about being disrespected. I really hate that word, but I disrespect you more every day, mainly because you seem to always need so much respect. You’ve left your mark, your place in NBA history has long been assured. So why the insecurity? You’ve always fancied yourself a messiah of sorts. Maybe you should bring your talents to another city and see if you can bless a new locale with your presence. Or maybe it’s time to just walk away and get on with the next chapter, if you can envision one.

Maybe this is how things are for someone who lands on the big stage right out of high school.


Where does the militia mindset come from? What sets people on a path of suspicion and paranoia?

Does it have its roots in white supremacy? Is it more complicated than that? In some ways, it seems like there’s something more at play than just racist tendencies, though that would be enough. It’s difficult not to think that these people have been brainwashed somehow, easily led astray.

Do they feel big and powerful shouldering an AR-15 or some other ridiculous weapon? Did they used to be in the armed forces, or are they just soldier wannabes– all the weapons, none of the real commitment and patriotism? Do they think they’re heroes of some sort?

Other than an outsized and irrational aversion to authority, what could possibly possess someone to want to overthrow the government? What’s their vision? What is it that they want to restore? Or do they just relish the chaos and the chance to brandish a weapon? What’s their endgame? We should know these things, because Donald Trump told these people to stand back and stand by.

Not This Time

Did the Trump nightmare come about because in 2016 people decided their vote didn’t matter, people just took their toys and went home? Bernie supporters turned spiteful and actually voted for Trump? It’s looking like apathy won’t be an issue this time around. Over seventy times more people have already voted than in 2016 at this point– 5 million plus, probably 6 million by now.

If I heard this correctly, Trump won the electoral college in 2016 with an advantage of around 80,000 votes spread over 3 states. Perhaps this is what happens when people take their toys and go home.

Right now, the polling is in Biden’s favor, but of course this is going to change. The numbers will most likely tighten up. Things aren’t looking good for DJT at the moment, and it makes me fearful for what his campaign and foreign influences will yet try. We have to be vigilant.

Shaky Ground

Stephen Miller has tested positive. Trump appears to be lighting up Twitter and making rash decisions, perhaps brought on by the cocktail of experimental treatments, including dexamethasone, he’s being given. Or maybe it’s just more Trump being Trump.

His circle of associates and advisors is being isolated. His ability to govern, or whatever this is, is being crippled and compromised. High-ranking military officials are in quarantine. Several heads of intelligence organizations are going over or around Trump to assure the public that we can have faith in the election process.

Though it sounds simplistic and naive, there are signs that the real America is emerging to fight this hideous malignancy that is the Trump administration. One can only hope that the dominoes continue to fall, and this house built on sand is unceremoniously washed into the sea.

The Kraken Released

Trump is back in the White House, as of last night. Yay.

In a made-for-TV moment, he climbed quite a few steps after getting out of Marine 1, turned to the cameras, ripped off his mask, and stood there defiantly. Quite the scene. Except it was pretty obvious that he was out of breath– probably because he’s a 74-year old clinically obese man who doesn’t exercise much. But certain reporters seized on the moment and played up the possibility—likelihood?!–  that he was still suffering the effects of covid. And he is still being treated. And he is still contagious.

He went back in the White House without a mask, certainly having been briefed that others in his circle have contracted the virus- including Chris Christy, Kayleigh McEnany, Mike Lee, and Kellyanne Conway. As for Stephen Miller? The virus will not affect him like it does everyone else. Covid-19 would only make him stronger. It takes precautions against him.

Craziness. Trump has the gall and tone deafness to tell the public not to be afraid of covid, while benefiting from treatments very few others on earth can access with such ready availability. So in the lead-up to election day, now we get a more ornery and annoying version of someone who was already these things in excess.