Raising the Temperature

Mr. Zelensky predictably received the hero’s welcome in Washington yesterday. If he got one standing ovation in his address to Congress, he got 10 or 20. He wants more of our military hardware, and I’m sure he’ll get what he wants, or at least most of it. He promised that it will be used responsibly, which has a hilarious ring to it.

What are we to take away from this bold move? We know it got a rise out of Putin, who threatened/boasted Russian troops marching on the streets of D.C. Yikes and holy shit.

Does anyone like where this seems to be heading? I know there’s always bluster and threats and assurances, but this has escalation written all over it. It’s happening before our eyes. Putin is getting what he’s always wanted, somehow. One often has the feeling with him that everything is unfolding the way he planned it, even as news reports make it sound like he’s misjudged things and has been backed into a corner.

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