While We Await Cooler Heads

The Dead Sea is dying.

It’s always been the Dead Sea because of its hyper salinity, which translates to an untenable environment for supporting aquatic life. But climate change and unsustainable demand on the Jordan River are apparently hastening its demise.

Like similarly unsustainable demand on the Colorado River, plans are at least in the talking stages in hopes of addressing this Middle Eastern situation, but it remains to be seen if that means anything. One can predict struggles in arriving at any solutions or sense of direction, in part because of the crazy dynamics in that part of the world, but also because there will be the usual opinions, some heated and irrational and selfish and accusatory, etc. It’s another case of seeing the writing on the wall and simply doing nothing about it until any solution becomes a daunting task, as in bigger and more disruptive and expensive than it needed to be.

No one takes the blame, no one takes the lead until late in the game. There are just stakeholders and ignorance and a refusal to believe that things are as bad as they are. Exacerbated by a stunning distrust of a scientific community that tries to be the canary in the coal mine, we have a recipe for gravely consequential inertia.

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