Almost Time to Take A Breath

Donald Trump should be unable to get anywhere near the workings of government. He’s ridden a wave of schoolyard anger and misguided patriotism long enough.

Why do so many still look to him as a hero? Why are others seemingly afraid of him? Why do the people at Fox News dismiss the concerns of the “liberal” media, treating their coverage as so much melodrama and total over-reaction to what seems about to unfold?

I hope Michael Moore is right. He’s predicting a blue wave on Tuesday, but he’s pretty much the only one thinking that (did you see Bill Maher on Friday?). Unless it’s just an attempt at self-talk, trying to rally folks in the face of what’s at least sounding like a right-wing takeover. Maybe Maher was doing the same thing in a different way. I don’t know.

We will know, hopefully sooner than later, if things will be different on the ground than what we’re hearing from the anchor desks and pundit chairs at MSNBC and elsewhere. Then maybe we’ll get a short break before the ensuing insanity ahead of November 2024.

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