Bridge Out Ahead

Learned recently that Ron DeSantis has decided to back away from a run for the White House. Who knows why—maybe because Crist forced the issue of him leaving before his term was up, combined with the reality of pressure from Trump to stay away? Whatever has transpired behind the scenes, the path just got clearer for #45 to try again.

My goodness. This is exactly like watching an accident unfold in front of us, in slow motion, and being unable to do anything about it. This feels very wrong. The January 6 Committee has to know what his intentions are. They have to know the time constraints they are under to wrap up their hearings and investigation, before he announces and officially becomes immune to prosecution.

It’s all really happening, and it’s always felt inevitable.

The miracle will be if another candidate emerges who dares stand up to him and block his path. But since real courage among most Republicans appears to be non-existent, America is in real trouble, and not just on paper.

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