A Glutton for Punishment

It’s no secret that any candidate for high office, regardless of party, promises the world, tries to cover as much as possible of what he or she thinks people want to hear. To a certain extent, it’s pro forma, calculated and tiresome. What never ceases to amaze me is that there are millions of people who still think Donald Trump is the solution to this country’s ills, instead of being the most prominent symptom of them. The only planks in his platform are and only ever will be revenge and winning at all costs.

The trouble with a Trump/MTG or maybe a Trump/Lake ticket is that, as attractive as the pairing may sound to the general public or Republican strategists, these people would actually have to lead the country. And who’s going to be able to work with Trump as a VP, anyway? He wouldn’t be a President. It’d be closer to a monarch, or a dictator.

The fact that they’re good in front of a camera or play well in certain demographics means nothing if the best they can do is look Presidential, or Vice Presidential. What good is it to the country if they merely act like a couple of flippant smartasses who are capable only of uttering dumb sound bites?

If Trump runs again, and it is immensely troubling to envision that possibility, anyone he chooses as a running mate is just going to be another disciple along for the ride. Maybe a pretty face who will have to be very sure of herself, given Trump’s predatory tendencies.

Whoever gets the nod may not have much chance to actually lead, anyway. They’ll just be trying to survive and preserve their dignity, like the rest of the country.

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