How would one’s life be different if they didn’t watch or listen to the news every day? Would they be uninformed, or simply relieved of the daily assault on their ears and psyche? Would their blood pressure drop?

People would be uninformed, but only to a certain extent. Unless one tunes into NPR—and they have their own bias, I’m sure—the news one gets is incomplete, somehow. I watch MSNBC, someone else watches Fox. The information is presented with the same intensity and spirit on either network, but it’s different information—maybe the same headline but a totally different take on what that headline means.

Anyhow, the subject matter of late is disturbing, overall. The war in Ukraine continues, with the added threat of “tactical” nuclear weapons use, the price of most everything is not going down, the two political parties that run the show in this country are at odds over how to run the show. Voters are being threatened at the polls and simultaneously courted, bludgeoned, and constantly bombarded with ads that paint candidates as evil and “bad for Pennsylvania… or Arizona… or America.” And Donald Trump still roams the landscape.

It’s enough to make one want to search out a quiet place and check out for a while, let someone else deal with the mess. Well, after you vote.   

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