Being Presidential

I’ve never seen Barack Obama get so animated. He actually raised his voice and sounded angry. He was campaigning in Wisconsin and lambasting Ron Johnson and others who are toeing the stale Republican line.

I can see why certain people detest him. It must be because he’s a confident black man with obvious swagger, and he’s still riding a wave of love and support and a longing for the return of the sanity and gravitas– and humor– that marked his tenure in office. He didn’t know everything, but he at least applied himself, asked good questions, thought things through, surrounded himself with smart people, took things seriously and gave us the feeling that he cared about the country and was interested in finding solutions to our ills.

The contrasts are striking. In one corner, we have Barack Obama. In the other we have any of a number of impulsive, hate-filled, short-sighted, smartassed human sound bites spewing nonsense and contempt for the institutions that have sustained us, apparently intent on emulating the worst President in our history.

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