Go Figure

Owning his ignorance. Dubya certainly did that. He out-Reaganed Reagan, on occasion, and he somehow finagled occupancy of the highest office in the land. George W. Bush once ridiculed someone for asking a question that included the word multitasking, sarcastically impressed by such a “big” word.

According to Andy Borowitz, a lack of intellectual curiosity among Republican candidates for POTUS has not hurt them, but has actually been a selling point. Candidates present themselves as being somewhat– or a lot– anti-intellectual, in an attempt at seeming folksy, less wonkish, more normal and somehow relatable. And more trustworthy? I know where Borowitz is heading, I think. He’s saving the “best” till last, the one who’s broken all the molds.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have all the answers, but when you put your ignorance on a pedestal and treat it as a source of pride, it morphs into a tragic deception, an unpardonable excuse and character flaw with real-world consequences.

Certainly even Dubya must know that there’s nothing wrong with being cerebral, with actually giving thought to important things. It’s just that the schtick worked for getting him elected Leader of the Free World. And it continues to work to this day, though Trump himself would never admit to not knowing something. He’s always the smartest guy in the room, a real genius.

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