The Subtlety of a Hammer

The truth is out there, but its competition is fierce. Truth is being given a run for its money by fabricated lies that spread like wildfire. And we have to decide who we’re going to believe. It’s come to that, or maybe it’s always been that way, just made exponentially worse by social media.

To hear what developed after the attack on Paul Pelosi, one can rightly think that truth is a mere commodity up for grabs. If you’re quick and creative and paranoid enough, and have some command of the English language, you can spin your version of truth and disseminate it to the whole world in a matter of minutes. And voila! A counter-narrative that has people questioning the legitimacy of police reports or motives or whodunnit, or whether the incident happened at all.

Maddow tied all this together with what’s unfolding in Brazil, boiling it down to a stark choice before us next Tuesday: maintain free and fair elections or descend into a world that looks like what’s being threatened in Brazil or what unfolded at the Pelosi residence a few days ago.

The far right, or maybe the whole damned Republican party at this point, has no alternative to free and fair elections. “Free” and “fair” lie in the eye of the beholder. What it’s looking like instead is that they’re OK with the threat of all-out physical force and violence perpetrated against those who they brand as monstrous enemies.

It’s dumb, they know it’s dumb, and it looks like it has a chance of working.

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