Clear Choices

The electorate are taken for idiots. Between the tenor of political advertising, and the way certain candidates behave and speak, it’s apparent that more than a few running for office lack a certain faith in humanity. They appeal to fear and ignorance. In fact, they bank on fear and ignorance, since an informed and reasoning electorate would be more likely to steer clear of these people.

I cannot remember an election cycle, besides the last two, where there were such stark contrasts between candidates and platforms. After wading through the invective and dark, grainy advertising coming from both sides, the real substance of arguments and platforms clearly resides with blue. They are the ones addressing real needs, or at least trying to.

Red are fear-mongering, narrow-minded, Christian conservatives who have never understood or simply chosen to ignore the separation of church and state, who cannot shake the outsized reverence for free market capitalism, low taxes, small government, and the 2nd Amendment. Red, ironically, is too enthralled with the ideal of freedom. Freedom is paramount, even as they seem to not understand that there is much more to that concept than whether or not we can own a home arsenal or say “Merry Christmas.”

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