Aluminum Lining

The DJIA has its best week since June while the rest of the world is going up, or down, in flames. A telling juxtaposition of fortunes and priorities. A jarring disconnect that momentarily distracts from the horrific nature of what’s happening in Ukraine, or a hospital in Dallas, or wherever. Probably won’t be long before all those gains disappear again.

All the while, the people of Ukraine continue to struggle to survive. That glimmer of hope, of a turning tide, is fast fading with news that power is out over wide swaths of the country. Russia is doubling down, attacking the power grid, the internet, making life even more of a slog than it already was. And this as the cold weather soon arrives. Ruthless, heartless monsters.

But hey, the Dow gained over 700 points on Friday! What’s not to like about that?

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