Ah, Politics

Ron DeSantis was recently put on the spot in a debate with Charlie Crist. Crist asked him directly whether or not he intended to finish out his term if he were to be reelected, and the best DeSantis could do was offer up a predictable and pathetic burn, along with total avoidance of a real answer to the question. Everyone in Florida and anyone else who’s been following the trends knows DeSantis has his sights set on the White House, which of course means Florida will be looking for a new Governor about this time next year, or sometime early 2024. It probably won’t matter. People will vote for DeSantis anyway, just because.

On another depressing note, Lindsey Graham got what he was looking for from Clarence Thomas- an injunction from a sitting Supreme Court justice that keeps Graham from having to answer a subpoena in Georgia. On its face, this seems like overreach and an inappropriate ask on the part of Graham, but he obviously knew what he was doing, that he had a friend in high places who should have recused himself but didn’t. So the sniveling, conniving wiener avoids the hot seat, for now.

When do these people have time to actually do their jobs? They seem to be very busy saving their own asses or furthering their careers.

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