A Business Decision

Golfers need to stop saying they’re going with the LIV because they “want to grow the game.” Everyone on the planet knows that’s a crock.

It’s ok, guys. Just say you can’t turn down a decent pay day and maybe even win 4 or 5 million bucks if you finish on top. It is dirty, though, funded with fossil fuel-soaked Saudi money, not to mention whatever else those folks are into. So, along with the promise of riches comes the moral compromise. And The Shark sounds like a ruthless business man with no time for fealty, maybe even carrying some sort of lingering scars from his collapses and tough losses in big tournaments.

As far as the PGA is concerned, it’s tough not to sound like sour grapes or a nostalgic traditionalist, though it’s not like the PGA hasn’t been a monopoly forever. It’s an upset to the system when there’s a new kid in town.

I guess it becomes a matter of “making a decision for me and my family,” or being shown the money, or just jumping on the bandwagon. The allure must be intoxicating, especially for someone with a mountain of gambling debt.

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