Is the Hunter Biden story even real, or of any significance? Or are the Republicans/Fox News trying to distract and hit back in light of the Jan. 6 investigation? Interesting timing—that this finds its way back into the headlines the day before what looked to be a decidedly damaging hearing.

Executive privilege? Such a thing has been made to look risky, and even a bit pathetic. Pat Cipollone pleading the fifth without expressly pleading the fifth, the whole time looking like he’s hiding something yet somehow still answering the question. Trump should be sweating, because his role is clear now, despite efforts to c his a.

I’m glad that people who served in the Trump administration have been coming forward and offering testimony that incriminates and confirms what many already suspected. One thing that grates, though, is when these former officials mention that they are lifelong Republicans who were proud to serve and proud of the things President Trump had accomplished. This hits like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Accomplishments? Do they actually believe this, or is there a lot of self-talk going on? Accomplishments, like so much else, lie in the eye of the beholder. There’s a certain subjectivity and selectivity in play, a matter of perspective and opinion. Withdrawing from a major climate accord, deep-sixing regulations, or burning bridges with allies are accomplishments? Downplaying or attempting to ignore a pandemic is an accomplishment?

They were working for a soulless despot or at best an impostor the whole time, yet still managed to find something nice to say about him. Remarkable devotion.

The January 6 Committee’s work has revealed what many have long known: Trump is a devious and scheming derelict, the opposite of a patriot, an empty vessel who should never be able to come anywhere near another run for office, ever. Whether it’s POTUS or local Sewer Board.

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