Smell the Coffee!

Scorching temps, monkey pox, world-wide inflation, Donald Trump. It’s time for some good news, one might think. Stop the presses and reset. Get off this Calamity Jane kick where everything and everyone are going to shit. We know you need clicks and viewership, but we can’t take this much longer. The alternative is to just stay away from our media. Tune out, take a break, find some peace. But we can’t be ostriches, either.

There’s nothing that happens simply because it happens every now and then. Anymore it’s because the earth is in the process of purging us, since we’ve been reluctant to take the hint about the effects we’re having with 8 billion of us vying for resources and spoiling the air. We hear that there’s still time but that time is running short. We latch on to the “there’s still time” part and then continue the procrastination, keep propping up the lie of not needing to do anything, not needing to change our habits and make sacrifices.

If this is the road we’ve chosen, then it’s only a matter of time before everything comes crashing down, and all the ”end of civilization as we know it” movies become fulfilled prophecy. Sooner than later.

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