Just Cookouts and Fireworks

I’m wondering if we should make a place to fly the flag, it being the 4th of July and all. If we do find a spot, the flag will fly in honor and remembrance of an event that happened 246 years ago. Otherwise, it’s not clear to me what we’d be celebrating. I’m not sure why we’d make the effort.

I know that sounds whiny and “leftist” and “liberal” and “unpatriotic,” and to that I say “whatever.” The America I will honor with a flag exists only in dreams, and maybe on parchment. Otherwise, it’s a sad place, an angry place, conflicted, confused, distracted, inflamed, seemingly destined to be a wasteland, heading for another round of ugliness and hostility– either a more complete healing of wounds that have been weeping since 1865, or the final rupturing of whatever glue and tape have been holding things together.

Visionless. Undue influence by a death grip on old ways of thinking, fouled by bad ideas passed down from generation to generation, corrupted by bad policy, blinded by filthy wealth, paralyzed by fear and ignorance, influenced by people blinded by selfishness.

“This land is your land, this land is my land…”? No, it’s my land. E pluribus unum? I’m not seeing it.

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