Hard To Ignore

It is difficult to shake the feeling that Donald Trump will emerge unscathed, yet again.

Just saw a headline that read something to the effect of “Trump is the Most Investigated, Least Prosecuted Man Ever…” No surprise there.

So either he does shitty stuff all the time, gives people reason to believe he’s up to something rotten, OR he’s (gulp) innocent of wrongdoing and we just have to learn to put up with his assholery. Which seems unfair, untenable, and absolutely unacceptable. He’s not even in office! He’s on the outside looking in, where he should remain forevermore.

How can someone so loathsome and smarmy and ugly remain so popular and consequential? And elusive, at least in terms of having any accusations stick? As often as people think they’ve found the smoking gun, he eludes capture and lives to create chaos another day.

This immature attention hound is sucking the life out of us, yet many still think he’s some sort of messiah.  

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