Verum Nocet

Mitt Romney wrote an interesting article in The Atlantic the other day, on the topic of America being in denial. I don’t know what he has up his sleeve, if he’s angling for another run, but what he said made sense.

He seems to be saying that we never really like hearing the hard things. No surprise there. It’s a (human) tendency to ignore, cast aside, dismiss, engage in wishful thinking. In some ways, he’s just the latest person to warn that we are running out of time to fix what needs fixing, and that the upcoming 2024 election can be an opportunity (maybe our last chance) to chart a different course with whoever is elected President. The insinuation is to stay clear of Donald Trump—there are others in the wings who are smarter and much more capable.

Romney received his share of raspberries over the article, which is both predictable and begs the question: can’t anyone offer an honest and legitimate plea for sanity, a poignant, wise opinion piece based on observable reality, without incurring the wrath of so many voices who somehow manage to simultaneously cackle loudly, say nothing, and bury their heads in the sand?

It really does seem that many believe just ignoring problems will make them go away. They must be taking their cue from Trump himself, who did just that when a PANDEMIC came knocking.

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