A 6-3 vote by the SCOTUS to limit the effectiveness of the EPA.

How many ways can this be parsed? Is there any aspect of life where we don’t have to worry about undue influence by people with deep pockets? How much faith can we have in our institutions if even the Supreme Court is not moved by what we see happening around us?

What are we supposed to make of such a decision? That they know things we don’t, that the crisis isn’t real, that scientists and environmentalists are riling everyone up over nothing, that actions needed taken really don’t need to be taken?

Are they following some letter of the law that takes precedence over reality? Whose line are they buying?

There’s more than enough frustration to go around, at this point. The environmentalists apparently are just crying wolf, and at best are on their own. No help from decision makers and policy makers and lawmakers. These people just don’t care.

Do big oil and coal still have that much influence? They’re killing the planet but no one in a position to stop them even gives a damn.

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