Bombshell testimony, or just more information destined for the bone pile? The recollections shared by Cassidy Hutchinson at the 6/28 hearing would seem to add nails to Trump’s coffin, along with Mark Meadows’. Of course one would have to think that there is a round of counterclaims and refutations yet to come. This is all pretty one-sided at the moment, and nothing really comes as a surprise. Though in context, Trumps’ tirades may serve to confirm his intentions.

What was he going to do if he made it to the Capitol? Was he anticipating prevailing in the midst of bloodshed at the copse of trees and raising the Confederate flag, i.e. returning to the chambers and assuming his “rightful” place as fearless leader? Why was he so pissed about not being able to go to the Capitol? What did he hope to do there? What was supposed to happen? What was the plan?

Because it’s looking like there definitely was a plan.

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