The Spectre of Change

What’s frustrating is the lack of acknowledgement among the Tucker Carlson crowd that there is anything wrong with Donald Trump and Republican talking points.

Democrats are warning of the imminent fall of democracy or whatever this system of governance is rightly called, while most Republicans and Carlson and Fox News and the Breitbart universe are calling foul on Democrats. It’s all the Dems’ fault, those weak-kneed, liberal, baby-eating alarmists.

Better to wear Jesus on your sleeve and cast a wary eye on immigrants and support a ban on abortion and get behind the 2nd Amendment and blow things up and act tough with a gun in your hand than admit that your platform is hopeless and dated and tone deaf and commandeered by people who are completely out of touch with reality, by people who claim they feel their constituents’ pain but really couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves. Their “vision” is not shared by a majority of Americans. Republicans wield fear as a weapon, even as, ironically, they themselves are terrified of change.

It all seems so entrenched and unsalvageable. Like we’re heading toward a place we shouldn’t want to go. Maybe this is what happens when a large enough number of people refuse to believe in evolution. Nations can evolve, too. If you can summon the courage to let them.

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