Has it always been that people have needed compliments and congrats on a job well done—needed to be shown appreciation—or is this an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences thing? Maybe just part of the overall attitude among the younger generations who can’t go too long without being told how wonderful they are? Is this the fruit born of being the kids who all got trophies, whose parents thought their children could do no wrong?

I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m annoyed by this, for some reason. The vibe is whiny and self-involved and spoiled rotten.

Has there ever really been a time when people chose certain career paths and took on certain jobs simply because it’s what they wanted to do, they loved the work, regardless of how much they got noticed? Well, apart from an occasional “thank you”?

Admittedly, it was nice to get feedback on occasion, though the positive stuff was always more welcome than the critique. But I wasn’t one to complain about going unnoticed or unappreciated. I don’t think I needed constant reinforcement or attaboys. I just tried—usually not very effectively—to do my job.

Ah, who am I kidding? It felt good when people handed me a compliment, and it felt shitty when someone offered critique, even if I said I appreciated the honesty. Am I being honest here, or am I engaging in selective remembering?

Anyway, it just doesn’t sit right when you hear people whine about not getting noticed enough, being underappreciated. Did you get into a line of work just for the kudos and the money, or because it lit a fire in you? Simply because you thought you could make a difference and you felt called to the task at hand, understanding that the greatest reward is simply doing the work and doing it well.

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