He Keeps Turning Up

The thing about people like Donald Trump is that they have little or no capacity—or time or stomach—for evaluating their own actions—making the effort to review and critique, admitting to making the occasional mistake and learning from it. In Trump’s case, there is no way for such a thing to happen, because he, unlike human beings, doesn’t make mistakes. Everything is always someone else’s fault.

I get that an uninformed and impatient public, or a relentless press corps full of people yearning to distinguish themselves can get on a President’s or a Press Secretary’s nerves after a while. I also get that it’s not necessarily easy to handle critique of one’s behavior or actions or decisions, but a person in his position necessarily has to have this quality. And Trump in particular continues to provide a lot of ammunition for his detractors.

Bottom line is that people like Donald Trump should be coming nowhere near public office and dwelling anywhere near the seat of power. He didn’t, he doesn’t, and he never will have the tools for the job.

And yet,  

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