What kind of darkness does a person have to embrace in order to stay in power for decades? What are the motivations for wanting to stay in power for so long? And why would anyone want to do that on purpose? Seems to me it can only be for selfish, deluded reasons, pure power play. One might think that the citizenry wouldn’t let it happen, but it happens all the time. The citizens are rendered impotent, and those who make noise are most times silenced or marginalized.

There’s no more glaring case than V. Putin. Imagine the control he’s had to exert, the attention paid to quieting dissent, and the methods employed for tending to such.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world, while annoyed and appalled by his ruthlessness and sense of impunity, basically does nothing to stop him. An appeal to reason is futile and laughable, but there has to be a way to stop him, short of WWIII and/or resorting to nukes.

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