Just Struttin’

The whole concept of military parades seems like bad theater to me, somehow pathetic. What is the purpose of such pageantry? I can imagine it has something to do with intimidation and… reassurance? What is it if not an attempt to show off, to threaten, and remind citizens and the rest of any of the world that might be watching that a country is not to be messed with?

What I see is paranoia and government officials wanting to show off, deciding to invest billions, maybe even trillions of dollars in weaponry and armor that could have been spent on infrastructure and hospitals and education and beneficial advancements of all kinds.

Russia and North Korea aren’t the only ones. We’re pretty good at this, too, except we don’t go goosestepping and parading the hardware like rutting baboons and strutting peacocks. Many nations do this to one degree or another and it is absolutely, morally unconscionable, when one thinks about the amount of money that has been spent on military R&D. All because we don’t trust each other, because humans are animals with an instinct for chest pounding and survival.

Instead of solving problems that affect us all, we waste astronomical sums on what ifs and worst case scenarios, on stockpiles of armaments and aircraft and ICBMs and other terrifying weaponry that gives people boners and bragging rights and has military contractors and oligarchs and dictators and certain congressional districts laughing all the way to the bank.

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