Layers Of Perception

Are we more concerned about Ukraine because the victims are mostly Caucasian? There is unrest, and wars going on all the time in Africa and other places but they don’t get the attention this war is getting. Apart from certain geo-political implications of this current conflict, why does this one get so much more attention than, say, something going on in Somalia or Yemen or Afghanistan, the coverage of which might be hot for a few days but not every day like what’s happening in Ukraine?

Is it fair to assess this, to some degree, in terms of a racial bias, or is it more because the world currently stands at a precipice staring at the possible use of nuclear weapons? Is it easier for white America to relate to the shocking upset to what in many ways looked like a familiar way of life in an urban setting that could have easily been New York instead of Kyiv?  

When I first heard someone utter this take on things, I wasn’t sure what to think. But anymore I wonder if there isn’t something to it. Any way you look at it, though, what’s currently unfolding is horrendous and wrong, regardless of the skin color and socioeconomic status of the victims. The bad guy here is Vladimir Putin, who apparently takes no issue with unprovoked acts of terror, and who has no qualms about making life miserable for anyone who doesn’t think the way he does.

I’ll let someone else with more expertise tackle that other view of things.

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