Outsized Influence

People are dying in Ukraine and we get footage of an Easter egg hunt on the White House lawn.

Life goes on here, while men, women, and children are being viciously and indiscriminately vanquished as they huddle in a cellar or otherwise try to survive but don’t. This is terrifying and sad and infuriating at the same time. Ghastly, unprovoked evil.

Nothing has changed about us since… forever. We all get one life to live and there seems to be a steady parade of heartless assholes for whom this matters not at all. There should be a way to stop this without the world spiraling toward Armageddon. We can’t let one person with serious issues ruin things for everybody.

The little weasel with a shit-eating grin needs to be vanquished, or somehow de-clawed and relegated to obscurity.

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