More Bits and Pieces

Still wondering if I need to consider the second booster. Seems like the jury’s out on the necessity of it, though saw a recent article that stated the effects of the shot wear off after a few (4 or 5?) months. Gotta find a trustworthy source of information. You’d think the CDC would be that source. It’s frustrating to see the effort being put forth to discredit these folks. Erosion of trust is as debilitating as anything else these days. Why the hell is that? Is there anybody left who’s not assumed to be in somebody’s pocket? To be somebody’s mouthpiece? Is this the concern? Sometimes I think one could get more satisfaction from banging their head against a wall.

-Macron prevails in France. Phew. I’m gonna call that a victory for sensible people. LePen had designs on scaling back NATO involvement and warming up to Russia. Why would she want to do that?  

-So Elon Musk has apparently bought Twitter, for $44 billion. What’s his plan? What’s he up to? What does he think he’ll be able to accomplish? Time will tell. Forty-four billion dollars. Seems there might be better uses for such a fantastic sum. Freedom of speech has its limits, Elon. But people like you probably embrace the whole “money talks” understanding of the world. Money certainly is power.

-Humans can take something good and ruin it in no time. They can be dumb or smart when they want to be, conveniently ignorant, ready to plead the 5th if necessary.

-The way of the world is characterized by unbridgeable differences, apparently. Walls that can never be removed. At least this seems to be the take among the autocratic set and many Republicans. There always needs to be an Us and a Them, which is somehow neat and convenient, a North Star of sorts, a warm blanket for lazy, fearful people.

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