Packaging The Bytes

I’m tired of Wolf Blitzer. He seems to often ask inane questions, unevolved and obvious and baiting questions. In general, I’m tired of network coverage of this war. It seems to be more analysis and speculation and play-by-play, like a sporting event, than trying to drive home the wrongness and the gravity of it.

Commentators in the field gather and pat each other on the back every now and then, proud of their “daring” and “bravery,” commending local Ukrainian TV crews like they’re giving credit at an awards ceremony. Pundits and hosts back in the studio try to predict and plot next moves and strategy like basketball coaches in a time out. They play up weapons systems in terms of stats, like they’re in awe of their capabilities, and in order to heighten the drama and the stakes.

There’s just something off about all of it. Like they’re fascinated with the minutiae, and seem intent on turning the injustice and the massive unfolding human tragedy into a palatable and ongoing passion play.

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