A Pit In The Stomach

So the invasion has started. What now? Is Ukraine Putin’s Poland?

We should absolutely know better. Grown men motivated by such elemental things. Maybe they still have some growing to do. There have to be a couple screws loose.

So it turns out Putin is just the next guy with a burning grievance, an old grudge. Wonder what he has in store. It can’t be good. He’s had a lot of time to prepare. Is he just the latest megalomaniac with designs on world domination, or does he want a place at the table? Seems there are better ways of going about that.

And of course leaders in this country will counter with the typical American bravado– no appeasement, zero tolerance and all that. But this time they may be wise to take time to weigh their words and respect the threats Putin is making. Oceans can’t protect us anymore. The distance between us is really no distance at all. Putin can bring the world to its knees by cutting a few cables and hacking our internet lifelines. Or is he even threatening nuclear weapons?

The citizens of Ukraine are pawns now, fish in a barrel. Such horror, an actual living nightmare.

The media in this country better get their act together—try to keep calm instead of fanning the flames and creating panic. But they probably won’t. They’ll go quickly to worst case scenarios, tripping over each other in their desire to be the first ones to break the latest bad news.

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