Achingly Sad

Putin is really going to go rogue now. The US and its allies have decided to enforce sanctions against him and Lavrov personally, which apparently is another way of saying, “we’ve given up trying to talk to you.”

It’s gut wrenching to watch and hear about what’s happening in Ukraine. It hurts to think that everything familiar for the people there has been upended or destroyed. Now there will be thousands more refugees driven from their homes and into the cold, and for what? There is no good answer to that question, other than it is one little man’s nagging grievance and the remarkable fact that he can command an army to do his dirty work. Such pain and suffering, such cold calculation. I hope the resistance to this that we’re seeing from the Russians, Georgians,  Kazakhs, and others is real, and that it eventually helps tip the scales with a sentiment that cannot be ignored.

How can people like Putin keep coming along? He’s not a leader. He’s a devious, self-involved, twisted romantic pining for the way things used to be, decades ago. He has no heart for the people he leads. In fact, it seems if it was actually up to the people, he would have been gone a long time ago.

We in this country should be watching all this with great interest. Putin’s #1 ass-kissing fan wants to be POTUS again. This just can’t happen.

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