Legal Tender…

Freedom, or any belief system, incurs a cost. What, exactly, is that cost? Can we agree on a number?

I know, I know… ultimately the price is paid in sacrifice and blood and lives cut tragically short, yada, yada, yada, all because we humans can’t trust each other, and we have a propensity for wanting to wield power and get our way.

Seers and sages and rightwing wackadoodles speak of the human cost as that which comes with the territory, a duty, as if we all must be willing to buy a lie and buy into whatever twisted vision someone might be selling. This doesn’t work for me. I wasn’t born into this world to be a discarded pawn in someone’s chess match, or to do the dirty work of some detached billionaire in a suit or a backwater ignoramus convinced that people of a certain political stripe eat babies.

Maybe we as a species will never turn the corner. Evolution is slow in rendering an abhorrence of war and its vile offensiveness, its monstrous waste of human life. We should be aghast at what is about to unfold in Ukraine. We should treat it as an assault on all of us.

So any way one looks at it, there will be a cost– either the cost of playing along, or the cost of saying enough is enough.

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