Why Not

Covid is bringing out the worst in this country. Wow, that’s a real news flash.

Let’s add churches to the list of casualties. Yes, it’s wreaking havoc in congregations, too. Same list of reasons- stubbornness masquerading as patriotism, a mistrust of actual experts, differences of opinion regarding precautions. They think masks are for sissies, hiding behind the convenient excuse that they’re unhealthy and restrictive, and ineffective. And the defectors choose to gather at some other house of worship and bitch about that other pastor and spout stupidity to each other, believing it to be wisdom, and that they actually have a cogent argument.

Maybe, out of righteous indignation and protest, or sheer spite and ignorance, they should start yet another branch of Lutheranism. How about the NALCM—the North American Lutheran Congregations of the Misinformed? They can join forces with their homophobic and racist sisters and brothers who are sure they know what the Bible says, who are all holier than thou.

Sorry. I can neither find nor make room in my head and heart for such hooey anymore.

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