So the MAGA crowd gets to return to D.C. to rally in support of the January 6 “heroes.” Only in America, or this current iteration of it. Donald Trump has to somehow disappear. He is of no earthly good to anyone, even the people who for some incomprehensible reason still love him.

The Republican candidate in the recall election in CA is already claiming “fraud” before the election even happens. I guess maybe because he can see the writing on the wall with all the mail-in ballots being returned, and assuming that many of those are from people who are voting Democratic?

This is where the Republicans are right now—if their candidate isn’t winning, then the election is fraudulent. Frightening precedent. Earth 1 and Earth 2, as Maddow puts it. What happened to the good old days when people just came to terms with the loss, perhaps recognizing that their candidate wasn’t as popular as the other one?

What’s scary is that, going forward, we will not be able to rest assured that any outcome is as it is being reported. There will be a cloud of doubt over a process we have taken for granted for a long time. The voices shouting “fraud!” are already loud enough to shake the foundations, sow confusion, and make everyone wonder about an election’s validity, even if the results are based on hard numbers. It’s sinister. It’s a strategy, but it’s sinister.

Politically speaking, “Win at all costs” is a reckless, dangerous mantra, reeking of desperation and immaturity. How can anyone who supports such a philosophy sleep at night? They haven’t really won, fair and square, at least. Fair and square should still count for something.

Learn how to lose, and come back to fight another day. In the Republicans’ case, rework your agenda and platform, and make the effort to join us in the 21st century.

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