When In Rome

American football is getting harder to watch. It’s turning into a blood sport. Tuned in a “game” between Ole Miss and Louisville last night, and in the few minutes I was watching, I saw 3 game disqualifications handed out for targeting. There might have been 4. And this was in the first half.

Some might say, “Let the guys play, for crying out loud!” but that’s a ridiculous attitude. The perps should be suspended for the season or kicked out entirely. There should be zero tolerance for such behavior.

“Football” in America has always been legalized mayhem. But it seems to be getting worse. Blame it on Covid, or maybe it’s just the natural progression of a violent game that has to trend more violent in order to entertain and keep the people watching. Whatever is at play, more power to the refs for keeping things from getting totally out of hand.

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