Peddling A Crock

Climate change is a figment of our imaginations.

So we can just disregard the latest batch of video clips from, oh, pretty much anywhere on earth. From the drought and fires out west, to massive fires in Siberia and deluges in Texas, to Spain and other European destinations where wind is ravaging beachfronts and kicking up dust storms, and rain is coming down in buckets, rendering postcard villages repositories for mud and damage very few ever imagined they’d see. Even China is suffering its share of meteorological excess.

Still, climate change is a plot by tree-hugging leftists who have it out for America. It can’t be climate change. It’s just earth being earth, that silly planet.

They apparently cannot see that the earth is being earth, and it is in the process of ridding itself of a malady. Which is us.

Balance is not part of the lexicon. Many things are out of balance.

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