Bottomless Pit

The Delta variant is running rampant through mostly red states. Florida has many waiting for a bed, Louisiana is sending patients to Texas, Mississippi is setting up field hospitals in parking garages. Health systems are on the verge of collapse. Holy shit. What did they expect?

In places, it’s the worst things have been since the start of the pandemic. Medical workers must be pulling their hair out, saying things like, “We shouldn’t be here, y’all.” Amen to that.

Freedom, though. Freedom is what it’s all about. No one gonna tell me what to do.

So be it, Donald. And Ronald. And Greg. And anyone else treating this as merely an “assault on our freedom,” a.k.a. a twisted political calculation.

This is what doubling down gets you. Your bandwagon is losing its axles, and you’re afraid of losing face with whoever is left in your insane march to the deep end.

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