It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the outfits who can afford the longest TV commercials are drug companies and investment firms. Both genres are insufferable, and they just plain suck. And let’s not forget insurance companies and auto manufacturers. Drive a Nissan, or BMW or Lexus or Mustang– it’ll somehow change your life, make you a happier, better person.

The graveyard of empires. This is what Afghanistan is called. Seems accurate. The former Soviet Union languished there, and now we’re leaving after 20 years and a trillion dollars spent. Somebody made money, and thousands of people died, but in the end the Taliban are back. Pretty ugly stuff, though after 20 years, progress was made and people got a taste of a different life. The Taliban says it will be more tolerant of certain things, which remains to be seen. Maybe they’ll party like it’s 1500 instead of 1200.

It matters not at all that Greg Abbott has tested positive for Covid-19. He probably welcomes it, will use it as some sort of “teaching moment.”

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