Something That Either Is or Isn’t

Dealing with shades of gray gets frustrating after a while. Life is easier when you don’t have to think too much.

It seems we live in a world not only of differing opinions, but polarized opinions which, apparently, are all cogent and valuable, and equally valid. No one is on the wrong side of any issue, because many are immature adolescents who can’t stand to be corrected or admit to the possibility that they don’t have all the facts.

When we get to pick and choose our facts, it’s like we really are living on different planets. It is difficult to gain momentum in any specific direction. A pandemic, for example, arrives on our doorstep, and millions buy the lie that it’s nothing to worry about, that certain media folk are blowing it way out of proportion and actual experts are idiots and pawns who should be jailed, that masks are offensive and vaccines are dangerous. And just ignore the patient data that’s skewing younger, or the negative number of available ICU beds in Alabama and field hospitals set up in parking garages in Mississippi and an empty-headed sycophant of a Governor in Florida. And, of course, there’s Texas in all its outsized bluster and hubris and freaking loudness and frontier patriotism.

The people targeted for silencing or jail time have seen all of this coming since the beginning! Though I doubt they could have imagined that so many would refuse a simple shot in the arm. That probably has blown a few minds.

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