Just Another Tuesday

Are the scandals real? Are there really that many men who have behaved badly? Probably. Is it really that women have just had enough and they’re not gonna take it anymore? Or is it also—maybe a little, or a lot— that women smell a payday and they want to get in on a settlement? That’s horribly cynical, I know. But the lure of cash makes for a powerful motivator. I best leave this to judges and juries to decide, and find something else to talk about.

Something more edifying, like the latest Covid disinformation. That’s often good for a belly laugh or two. I’ll try to figure out what I’m missing as Abbott and Costello, I mean DeSantis, stand in the way of health professionals who are trying to save lives. Who the hell are they playing to? Are they gambling with their careers, or are they that sure that support for such behavior still exists? Things are making less sense every day.

The planet is retching and purging, and people are losing their minds.

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