The Freedom Bandwagon

I don’t consider Gov. Tom Wolf a tyrant, a usurper of power, or somehow evil. Yes, he’s a politician, in that he has run for public office, bought TV ad time with the express purpose of trying to get people to vote for him, and often has to weigh his words when speaking to the public. A public which includes a vocal percentage beholden to MAGA and Fox News, The Big Lie, and Vaccines Are Not To Be Trusted.

There has been way too much ink spilled over Gov. Wolf’s handling of the Covid crisis. Overreactive, partisan dissatisfaction and a convenient 20-20 hindsight that places him in the crosshairs because he “overreached,” dared to make tough decisions about curtailing activity and movement because hardly anyone alive had ever been through a pandemic before.

He’s been doing his job, listening to people who truly know more than the average person on the street who’s just repeating what they hear from Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or the unexamined empty-headed blather on Fox and Friends about “losing our freedom.”

Wolf is making decisions based on something other than baseless opinions and theories and insidious group think. He has had a thankless job ever since he took office, but especially since Covid came calling. He’s done what he’s had to do, some of which he may do differently the next time.

And there will be a next time, sooner than later, if we are left exposed to Covid variants or some new pathogen because of some irrational fear of a magnificent weapon against disease- vaccination- that has contributed significantly to a doubling of our lifespan over the last 300 years.

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