What is happening to us? What do we do with all the crap being flung at us every day?

There were over 400 shootings just over the weekend in this country. We can blame it on covid fatigue, job insecurity and the attendant stress, mental illness, all of the above and more. But those aren’t legitimate excuses, right? There are no legitimate excuses for firing a weapon out of anger and frustration and killing and maiming people with it.

War is a different, though somehow related topic.

This seems a symptom of societal sickness, a symptom of systemic neglect and skewed priorities. What are we being told when one’s only solution when angry and frustrated is to shoot somebody? This is unsustainable madness.

But how do we slow this down, or stop it?  Divine intervention might be our only hope. Nothing short of that is going to help us. Because we as a gun-loving, gun-toting nation appear unwilling to address the elephant in the room. We apparently are incapable of interpreting the writing on the wall, hearing the collective cry for help, or entertaining the possibility that maybe there are just too many guns.

We shouldn’t be used to this, yet it seems like we are. We’re ok with the perpetual Wild West.

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