Cautious Optimism

We’re feeling pretty cocky about covid. Like we’re kicking its ass, finally. School officials are talking bravely about full re-openings in the fall. Families are getting their first hugs in over a year. Ball parks and other venues are on the verge of filling all the seats again. All this and more, even though a relatively high percentage of people still refuse to get their shot(s), and enough of the rest of the world has hardly begun the vaccination effort.

The trouble is that the blind spot is the same as it has always been—”it’s all about me,” in a corporate sort of way. As long as we here in America are moving toward herd immunity, that’s all that matters. Except that’s not true, and we should know that by now.

We as citizens of earth have to be in this together, or it will be a planetary game of whack-a-mole for the foreseeable future.

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