Gotta Find A Hobby

There is always dissonance. Differing messages being screamed at the same time, in each ear. Vaccinations happening to the tune of 3 million a day, and at the same time another surge seems increasingly inevitable. And the local newspaper offers up the same conflicting information, with a headline that says one thing and info in the article that says something else.

The pleas from CDC and government officials fall on deaf ears in many states, people throw their masks away, revel in the streets in alcohol-fueled dumbness, thumb their noses at common sense advice.

Debra Birx finally throws Trump under the bus, though maybe she should join him.

I’m tired of convoluted, empty language and questions answered without answering the questions. I know it’s the dance that reporters and government officials often engage in, but it’s insanely frustrating and a waste of everyone’s time. Even when someone says they’re being straight with us, chances are they’re not being totally straight with us. It’s difficult to shake the cynicism.

It doesn’t matter how passionate people are, how knowledgeable they are, how right they may be, how critical the information they’re trying to share. Others will dismiss their pleas, seemingly unmoved by them, as if no one has spoken.

Tuned out to reason, tuned in to lunacy.

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