Can’t Handle the Truth

The perception of him in many circles may be that of Grim Reaper or Michael Downer, but Dr. Osterholm has been right all along.

There has never been the will to prove him wrong. What he’s predicted has come to pass, every time. We have a seer and sage in our midst but not enough people have ever taken him seriously, or have plain dismissed him as some sort of quack, just an outspoken dispenser of bad news. We apparently prefer our info more nuanced and sugar coated, while Osterholm has always given us the unvarnished truth.

It was refreshing to watch Ms. Walensky “go off script” the other day, even though it appeared she was still reading something. In any event, we can’t have it both ways—complaining about our public officials hiding the truth from us, while taking offense when someone dares tell it like it is.

It’s a wonder people still aspire to public service.

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