500 (Still Processing)

As much as I respect Dr. Fauci, I feel like he is a master of misdirection and covering his own ass. All the questions along the way about his time standing at the dais behind Trump, never really acknowledging that he could have intervened more forcefully than he did.

What was the line he was so concerned about not crossing? Why was it so critical that he rarely appear to overtly disagree with the Asswipe-in-Chief? How could he have become so marginalized? Couldn’t he have just gone to the media any old time he wanted and sounded the alarm in a forceful, convincing manner worthy of his stature?

Why couldn’t he ever just bust out and say, for everyone to hear, that practically every Republican talking point regarding COVID-19 was dangerously misguided and nothing more than strategically concocted bullshit?

I was always hoping that he would lower the boom and say what many of us were thinking. But on closer inspection, maybe he was doing those exact things in a way that made sense to him as a rational scientist, and not as just another calculating politician shooting from the hip.

I guess what mystifies me more than anything is why Trump was so feared, why people tiptoed around him, since he exemplified buffoonery with such regularity. How could anyone take him seriously?

This went on for so long.  

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